Five pain points indicate you should consider going headless shopify

As the emerging of the headless commerce, more and more big brands and retailers have moved to the headless architecture to stay ahead of the game. Is the right time now for your business to start a new journey, depending on the conditions you are facing.

Since shopify is still the best choice for most online businesses, going headless shopify would be the next step for fast growing brand. Going headless shopify means using a decoupled commerce architecture, separating the storefront from backend layer, to obtain higher conversation with a high performance and better user experience online store.

Back to the question, when should I take actions to go headless commerce? Before we answer it, let's explore the five pain points which indicate that going headless would be the better solution for your online business.

Limited store customization doesn't match your brand image

Most of shopify store utilize a store template to build their own store, only with different contents and products, which means your store looks the same with the others. If you want to add some new features in the template, then you need to hire a developer to implement the work, however, sometimes it is tough due to the rigid monolithic architecture.

Another choice to improve your store look is working with a professional agency, who take care shopify customization that match to your brand, that would be better, drawback is you have to pay in high level. Additionally, the developing language of shopify framework is LIQUID which will increase the difficulty when coding complex functions. Lastly, since you are still using monolithic shopify, there are many solid connections between storefront and backend, that developer don't have the permission to make modifications.

Bringing more brand experience for your customers adopting the headless architecture, you will be total free from the restricts of customization.

Slow site load speed reduces the conversion rate

Site load time is one of the key factors, even top key, to influent the online shopping experience. By a shopping journey the customer needs to be concentration on the product and related contents. Slow site load by jumping to other page will directly interrupt their shopping desire. If they can't get what they want in one second, they will jump out.

The common reasons of slow site speed are coming from the useless codes or reused programming, non-optimal images and store plugins. Overfull store plugins from third party will definitely slow down your site speed, sometime interfere the other plugins which is unforeseen.

The suggested site speed by Google is at under 2s suggesting, if the load time over 3s that is considered as “bad” user experience, you have no choice to win the game.

Over half of brands dissatisfy with their store speed, and they can do a few to change it. Since the plugins are expected to be the best and simple way to extend the functionalities for better use experience, but the big drawback is they need more time to load the functions.

This is why brands should consider to adopting a modern headless architecture to rebuild the store and escape from the nightmare of adding plugin. Headless commerce render the websites in under second, mostly under 0.5s, page jumping takes only 50ms. What a wonderful speed!

You want to start international business

Building an international online store is the best-in-breed solution to grow your business worldwide. Unfortunately, the monolithic shopify platform doesn't open up the functionalities of multi-languages and multi-currency, instead of you have to start a new store with language you want. This is the big roadblock, particularly for editor to create products and contents without effective workflow which hurts your international business.

Go internationalization means you have huge desire of content creation and delivery. So, editors can push the modified contents or a new product to all the stores without one by one changing them. To achieve that it's much easier going with headless shopify, integrated extra CMS will get what you want to publish.

You want to go omnichannel marketing

The customers' shopping behaviors are ever changing, in order to meet their customized needs with quick response, brands have to invest more on channel strategies. Go omnichannel is expected the best way for gaining continuous revenues, however, the implement is total difficult on a traditional platform due to the stiff web architecture.

To grow your selling, brands are always try to find smart marketing strategy, and keep eyes on the new feature of social marketing. Selling on the new channel to get more traffic can't be done without flexible commerce architecture. Headless allows you sell anywhere in absolute fast response.

Business growth is experiencing bottleneck

Many online brands have experienced such a scene, the business go up fast particularly in first year, and then slows down, although they have altered marketing strategy frequently, which made no sense. This is what we call bottleneck stage.

There are many reasons reduce the conversion rate. But creating better customer experience is one of most effective solution to push the selling up. Reshaping your brand with outstanding store design, making the shopping journey easier and smooth, bringing new digital experience platform for your customers, connecting to your follows by building private social channel. All these methods are much easier to be accessed by building a headless shopify.

Other benefits brands achieve from headless shopify

All above mentioned pain points give you some ideas that when you should consider to go headless shopify. Apart from that, there are other benefits that brands achieve by going headless.

  1. You are building long-term brand experience that need strong support from a future-proof technology.
  2. You are focusing high revenue, without a developing team. Frontend-as-a-service for headless commerce extremely cut down you cost on development.
  3. Content creation belongs to the key for continuously growth. Complex content management and fast delivery can be easily implemented by headless architecture.

How to start headless commerce with HaiCommerce

If you have deeply known about the headless commerce architecture and its benefits to your online business, in meanwhile you also experience the pain point that we just talk above. It would be the good time to take further action to go headless.

How to start it with HaiCommerce? You need to follow these steps:

  1. Talk to our team and make a detailed list, such as what you need in design and functionalities, what expectation you want to achieve.
  2. Walkthroughs of a Demo to show you about the functionality and our package services.
  3. Our team will help you to operate in practice, and typical setting up your site for headless architecture.

All in all, headless architecture plays an essential role for the next generation E-Commerce, but that doesn't mean all the online retails should utilize this tech stack. If your recent shopify store have no such pain points that above referred, just go continuing with shopify, or shopify plus, and update to headless shopify at the right time.


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