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Hi, my name is


Full Stack Web Developer




I believe, only valuable digital products can create much more value.

As a full stack developer with rich experiences in web development, i am loving to build the user experience websites with JAMstack architecture. Since the future-proof JAMstack websites make sence for business growth.

The big difference of monolithic websites and JAMstack is that, JAMstack is a decoupled modular architecture and API-driving, which allow enterprise to build what they want and keep security. Of cause, JAMstack run 10x faster than traditional websites.

To break this limits and shap the brand, using the modern frameworks of REACT/NEXT.JS is definitely a good idea, which gives the enterprise a powerful engine to accelerate business in the world.

Say hello to me, let's build your business for future.





Javascript(ES6+), TypeScript, HTML, CSS/Sass, Python

02Modern Frameworks

React.js, Next.js, Gatsby.js, Node.js, Express.js


Adobe XD, Figma, Framer Motion, GSAP.js, SVG, Responsive Design

04Headless Plateform

Contentfull CMS, Strapi CMS, Shopify CMS, Shopify Partner & Expert

05Data/API Tools

Mongodb, Mysql, Graphiql/Graphql Client, Axios, SWR

06Foreign Language

English, Deutsch, Mandarin(native)


Master of Science, Graduated from Paderborn University in NRW Germany