Ciao — I am Haiyong Zhan , work as a freelance of web developer, focusing on JAMstack archtecture. Since the traditional websites are not anymore meet the needs of growing business, JASstack websites are expected as the best-in-breed solution for decentralized web development in future. Now i am working for brands in the past 3 years to help the enterprise to create user experience digital commerce, launching brands into hypergrowth.
Freelancer — available worldwide

JAMstack for B2B Websites

JAMstack archtecture is much more flexible and secure than traditional monolithic websites. Since Jamstack is serverless without backend, and API-Driven system. That means the developer using all the modern frameworks and digital tools to build the web by API. The websites and APP is incredible fast and scalable through clound CDN deployment.
shopify with next.js in the headless commerce

Futur-proof JAMstack website





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Why JAMstack Architecture

Building JAMstack has lots of benefits, some of them can't be achieve by monolithic websites, in that all the data in frontend are tightly tied with backend batabase. This will damage the performance and also bring some secure problems. JAMstack website is a decoupled architecture to seperate the STOREFRONT from BACKEND, so that enterprise can use any trending frameworks to power the digital system, winning the hyperfast grwoth.

Perfomance & Fast


Amazing site speed just in microseconds with STATIC Site Generator (Next.js) provides user experience customer journey in your website.

Conversation & SEO


Better ranking in google search engine, much more traffic, smooth animation can be easily implemented using Jamstack architecture.

Brand & UX


Making your brand standing out from the crowd, shapping your brand with excellent customization and user experience UI design.

The Modern Frameworks that I Use

  • Using the powerful Dev tools,
  • promoting the HEADLESS SHOPIFY eCommerce,
  • developed with skill & passion.
Basic Framework
The most popular frontend framework of react.js provides flexible powerful tech stack particularly fitting to big eCommerce development.
Based on React framework, but exceed. the key features of Static Site Generation and Server Site Rendering provide incredible fast load speed (10x faster than monolithic) with Pre-Rendering, and amazing user experience.
Content Management
To shap your brand or rank higher on the google search engine, the content creation is significant. Editor or marketer can easily use the popular headless CMS, such as contenful cms or strapi cms etc., to manage your content.
App-like experience
PWA approach changes how users interact with the website and with the brand for that matter, over mobile devices. PWAs allow you to bring that app-like experience to the website through the user's web browser.
Data Management
Using the API-drive headless Ecommerce, serve or database is not necessary in this case. without a real backend you don't worry about the malicious attacks and data breaches , and API is a solid & safe data system.
Vercel & Netlify
The deploy service such vercel or netlify provides powerful hosting with automation, and realtime data update when connecting with github, the fast CDN will display your products in any where.