How to use social media marketing for your B2B business

Social media marketing wasn't long ago an utterly ridiculous concept for most B2B marketers: Posting business material on Facebook or Instagram? Inconceivably! Nowadays, almost every business is present on the popular social media platforms, at least in the B2C sector. In this article, we will introduce how to use social media for your B2B business. This is very essential for business growth and building user loyalty.

B2B social media marketing VS B2C

Being engaged across all pertinent platforms is now considered normal in B2C. What about B2B, though? There are a lot of uncertainties when it comes to social media marketing here: Does my firm even need to use social media platforms? Do I achieve my target audience's and my business's aims there? Or am I just squandering my time and money?

Additionally, compared to B2C, B2B products and services can require a lot more explanation or guidance. Can these "bulky" subjects be discussed in an engaging manner on social media platforms?

engaging B2B business in social media marketing

Just to be brave for the spoiler, we will say this: In essence, we advise every business to rely on B2B social media marketing.

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms may reach a sizable portion of the public, including key decision-makers.

Most people are also open to corporate content as long as it is useful and not just clumsy self-promotion. There are simply too many opportunities to miss up on. There is a but, as is so common, though: You don't have to dance at every wedding, or use every social media outlet, depending on the communication goal and your target audience.

Nothing works without long-term strategy

Before you all start sharing information indiscriminately, remember that social media marketing for business-to-business also has some ground rules. Most importantly, you can spare yourself the trouble if you don't have a resilient plan. The distinctions between a B2B and a B2C social media approach are minimal. In both situations, you need:

  • a thorough understanding of the target audiences for the relevant channel
  • Choosing the best channels for your marketing needs
  • quality content with additional value, and an appropriate content strategy

Developing a robust approach calls for some thought. Determine the appropriate outlets where your target audience is actually consuming content. You smartly portray your products and services in the best possible light with carefully thought-out content that offers genuine added value. Or you utilize your material to position yourself as an industry thought leader. By doing this, you build the portfolio's and your company's reputation.

Building relationships in different social networks for your B2B business


The business network is one of the major ones and has 706 million subscribers globally. If those benefits aren't enough to convince you to create a LinkedIn company profile, we've got more to offer. Many network participants have the proper B2B perspective. In other words, you place a premium on high-quality corporate material and enjoy participating in debates about hot industry issues. As a result, you should unquestionably participate in LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your portfolio. Here, you get the possibility to meet new business contacts as well as learn fresh insights into the sector. Additionally, you can share your knowledge with others by saying "hi, thought leaders."

LinkedIn offers the ad types text advertisements, dynamic ads, sponsored messaging, and sponsored content for a wider audience. These formats can be targeted to your target audience and help you generate more leads. You can also construct "focus pages" in addition to the company profile, which acts as your business card. As with a landing page, you can use this to highlight particular features of your business, like a new product or a significant event. On LinkedIn, you can learn more about the focus pages.


One of the most significant social media platforms is Facebook. There will undoubtedly be one or two decision-makers on the platform, so the potential reach is immense. Furthermore, Facebook provides useful commercial options for social media marketing in B2B, including a range of ad solutions that may be leveraged to provide focused leads.


The microblogging service is a crucial tool for B2B social media marketing but is frequently overlooked. Content can be positioned in a pertinent industrial environment with the help of hashtags that are used strategically. This raises the possibility that decision-makers will pay attention to your business. Since they frequently seek out professional content, this is THE chance to establish oneself as an industry thought leader. Engage in dialogue with your target market and express your opinions on issues affecting the sector or your clients. Other professionals, such as designers or engineers, can also add interesting information. Don't only let your executive team speak.

Commenting on or retweeting interesting tweets from other profiles makes sense, too. By doing this, you can broaden your target market and, ideally, establish new, beneficial contacts. Always keep in mind that it's not about blatantly promoting your goods and services. Instead, you want to give your followers authentic material that is valuable to them and particularly addresses their problems.


What, this vibrant picture channel for want tobe influencers' self-portraits is expected to be appropriate for thoughtful B2B content? But now we're being carried away by our imagination! no manner. For example, Instagram is a great medium for connecting with potential new employees. but not only. Other objectives a B2B corporation might pursue on Instagram include employer branding, advocacy, and product communication. By the way, our blog piece Instagram in the B2B sector: Five successful approachesread has more information on this. There are also some best practice examples there. Instagram is a viable option to take into account for influencer marketing. In the B2B space, there are various strategies for dealing with this. On the website of Vogel Communications Group, there are two options.


Xing is similar to what LinkedIn is, purticularly good for german regions. For your B2B social media marketing, the professional social network also has tremendous possibilities. Xing offers unique business pages in addition to the conventional company pages, which is very similar to LinkedIn. While the latter can be utilized to showcase products, services, and divisions as well as to attract new clients, corporate sites are especially well suited for hiring by positioning oneself as an attractive employer.

More platforms for B2B social media marketing

Other sites in the social media sphere include YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest.

YouTube should be seriously considered by everyone who values a cross-channel strategy (and, of course, has the necessary material). In addition to Google itself featuring prominently in the search results, YouTube ranks as the second-largest search engine in the world behind Google. By the way, a simple and pricey video is not as important as high-quality material. Like always, content is king!

TikTok is without a doubt the hot social networking platform at the moment. Despite the fact that Generation Z finds it particularly appealing, why not capitalize on this? The members of Generation Z today are developing, and one or both might even take on a leadership role. And the following is what the HR division in particular has to remember: The specialists of tomorrow must be courted, and they are the social media and digitally savvy Generation Z. In our blog post titled "How organizations utilize TikTok marketing correctly," you can read more about the TikTok trend.

Utilize Pinterest, a visual web platform, to build your brand and promote your goods and services in B2B.

Are your website blog ready for B2B business

Corporate blogs are a crucial component of the B2B content marketing mix even though they are not considered social media platforms. They act as a bridge between social media activities and the company website, making them an essential stop for customers.

The themes are practically limitless: You can show prospective employees what it's like to work there, publish your staff members' professional thoughts, talk about current business issues, etc. Your firm has a profile thanks to your blog activities, which at their best help you stand out from the competitors. By providing top-notch material on your owned media platform, you can ensure authenticity and persuade potential decision-makers of your competence.

HaiCommerce helps enterprise to build B2B social media, and it works

B2B and social media marketing go well together with HaiCommerce content marketing for B2B business. Anyone who asserts that the two are incompatible has likely not yet thoroughly examined the numerous economic potential offered by the channels. However, a strong strategy that clearly outlines the fundamentals, such as target audiences and organizational goals, must be the foundation of all actions. Then, B2B businesses will have complete access to the world of social networks. A quick tip: Pay close attention to user purpose and intent marketing!

Do you need support creating a social media strategy, have concerns regarding B2B marketing, or are you seeking for a collaborator on another project? Then don't be afraid to get in touch with us; we're always willing to listen (and, by the way, we're always up for challenging new projects).


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